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Prof. Baryous from Buenos Aires University Elaborates on Latin America’s Strategic Developments at SIR

Latest ongoing strategic developments in Latin America was discussed in a meeting with the presence of Buenos Aires University professor, Mr. Baryous at School of International Relations (SIR) on Tuesday, 6th of March, 2019.
Addressing a group of SIR"s regional studies students at Dehkhoda Hall, Prof. Baryous elaborated on the US policies in the Middle East and Latin America and referred to the latest incidents in this region. "Being concerned over the increasing economic infiltration by Russia and China in Latin America, the US administration is striving, by reinvigorating the Monroe Doctrine, to expand and strengthen its position and to weaken its rivals in the continent. Resorting to soft war and conspiracy, the US could control and manage the situation in Brazil and Argentina and it is now trying to change Venezuela into another Syria and to control energy sources in this country. Toppling the Venezuelan government will pave the way for the US to dominate other countries in the continent, therefore, resistance of the Venezuelan people against American pressure would be of high importance."
Referring to the significant role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in foiling US plots planned to change the geopolitics of the region, Mr. Baryous stressed that defeating ISIS and the victories gained by the Syrian government are, to a large extent, owed to Iran"s role in the region. He also mentioned that in case ISIS had won the battle in Syria and Iraq, the next target of the US invasion would have been Iran.
Elsewhere in his remarks, the South American professor pointed to the large number of similarities between Iran and South American nations in terms of philosophical viewpoints and the revolutionary spirit. He further noted that the South American people have got a very positive viewpoint towards the Islamic Revolution and this reality has paved the way for further activation of the Islamic Republic of Iran"s diplomacy there.
Wrapping up with Mr. Baryous" lecture, the session found SIR students asking the Prof. their questions on Latin America"s developments.

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