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News > SIR, German FES foundation hold ‘EU-Iran Relations’ workshop

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SIR, German FES foundation hold ‘EU-Iran Relations’ workshop

The School of International Relations, SIR, hosted a one-day workshop entitled ‘An Introduction to the European Union and the EU-Iran Relations" with collaboration of Germany"s oldest political foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, EFS, on April 17.
The workshop was held with at least 50 SIR post-graduate students in attendance. At the commencement of the event, SIR"s Deputy of Education, Dr. Mohammad Reza Dehshiri, and Mr. Wegget, who acts as the FES manager for peace and security, as well as Cornelius Adebahr, Daniel Gerlach, Ramin Jalilvand, all of whom representatives of the European Union, expounded their views on a wide range of issues. The discussions revolved around the history of Europe, reasons behind the foundation of the EU and challenges facing the 28-member bloc such as: Brexit, terrorism, migration, Brussels-Tehran relations, consequences of the United States" unilateral withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, as well as the EU"s trade mechanism to facilitate trade with the Islamic Republic.
Members of the European delegation emphasized on the importance of cultivating strong relations with Iran. They also stressed that Germany is shifting its traditional foreign policy mentality by distancing itself from the "mere observer" position. The EU delegation added that Germany has, alongside France, become more actively involved in managing the Middle East developments, hailing Berlin for deciding to adopt positions which oppose Washington on the 2015 nuclear agreement.
The German delegation, for its part, described as pivotal and a multilateral responsibility the necessity to encourage increased cooperation between the remaining signatories to the landmark nuclear deal, namely Iran, China, Russia and the EU, in order to salvage the historic accord. The delegation further expressed Brussels" concern about the Middle East developments. It also called on the region"s key players, including Iran and Saudi Arabia, to take confidence building measures.
As the session drew to an end, the participants exchanged views on the nature, horizons and challenges facing the expansion of bilateral ties between Iran and the EU. All the participants received the School of International Relations" certificate of attendance.

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