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MA in Iranian Studies


MA in Iranian Studies - MACIS


The School of International Relations (SIR) is pleased to held the MA degree program in Iranian Studies for international students in every year. This unique degree is especially designed to meet the increasing global demand for an accredited academic program focusing on Iran.

MACIS is a one-year program requiring 28 credits for coursework and 4 credits for the research essay in fulfillment of the official requirements of graduate studies in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

While the general orientation of the program is to concentrate on the politics and foreign relations of Iran, the courses offered are interdisciplinary and examine, among others, the Iranian political history, geography, and economy; Iranian culture and society; Iranian foreign policy; Iranian relations with international organizations; Iran and the Middle East; and, Iran and regional / international security.

Visit to the historical cities of Isfahan and Shiraz will be arranged to provide the students with realities about Iran's glorious past and attractive present.

Admission Requirement
Prospective applicants must hold a qualified BA or BSC, preferably in the humanities, to be sealed by the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the respective country or by the embassy of their respective country in Tehran and to be approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. They must also submit the Application for Admission (download from the Website); detailed Resumé (CV); Official Transcript (two copies); Proof of Proficiency in the English Language; Personal Statement (outlining how the program fits in with academic / professional needs and objectives); Samples of Essay; Letters of Recommendation (two sealed academic / professional reference letters); Six Recent Passport-sized Photographs; and, Copy of the Main Pages of Passport.

Language Requirement
The working language of the program is English. Applicants must provide proof of their proficiency in English along with the application for admission.
The School will provide optional Persian language courses to the students throughout the program.

MA Graduation Requirement
The MA degree will be awarded by the School of International Relations in accordance with the official national rules and regulations.

Tuition and Expenses
Tuition for the academic program is defined in accordance with the cost of classes and the fee for the scientific and cultural trips around the country every year.

Dates and Deadlines
Date of the course is announced in the website of the School and also through diplomatic channels.

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center of the School of International Relations will assist the applicants admitted to the MA in Iranian Studies in obtaining visas through the Embassies and Consulates General of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Center would provide facilities for the arrival, housing accommodation, health insurance, and other needs of the students of the School of International Relations. The center makes the necessary housing arrangements for married couples as well.

Forwarding Address

The address of the School of International Relations is as bellow. All materials and correspondences must be forwarded to:

The School of International Relations (SIR)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1 Mina Street - Shahid Bahonar Avenue
Tehran - Iran
Postal Code 1936783114
Telephone: (+98-21) 22802650-1
Facsimile: (+98-21) 22802742



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