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An Introduction to the Foreign Ministry's School of International Relations

The Foreign Ministry's School of International Relations is an academic institute affiliated to the Islamic Republic of Iran's Ministry of Foreign Affairs situated in Tehran's Niyavaran district.
School of International Relations has been the last link among a series of a number of educational institutes with the reputation of teaching political science and diplomatic studies with specific specialized and professional aims and means in the country throughout the last century.

The first link in the long series was 'The Political School', established in 1916 through Nassrollah Khan Mosheeraldolah's initiative, then Foreign Minister in Tehran during the reign of Mozaffar ad-Din Shah, the fifth Qajar king, with the objective of training politicians and foreign policy officials.
The School respectively functioned under the supervision of the School of Law and Political Sciences, Tehran University's Faculty of Law and Political Sciences, and lastly The Institute of Higher Education of International Relations in association with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wherein eventually, in 1982, the School was held accountable for this role.
Since the very days of its establishment, School of International Relations has played an important role in training the diplomats needed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and so far, not only a vast majority of the Ministry's diplomatic cadre, but also a noticeable number of experts in international relations have been trained to serve in other ministries and organizations. Dr. Mohammad Hassan Sheikhaleslami, associate professor, has been serving as the dean from the start of the academic year 2014-15.
Each year the School admits qualified candidates through Iran's National University Entrance Exam (konkour) for Master's in six different academic orientations in diplomacy and thirteen others in regional studies. After the National Exam results are released, the School invites top ranking applicants, for up to two or three times more than the admission capacity, for further procedures of interviewing, specialized written examinations, and English Language proficiency tests. All those having applied are to undergo such procedures and the best finalist applicants are selected thereafter.
The School's other ongoing programs include short-term educational courses on Iranian Studies (Iranology), Diplomatic Skills, and Teaching Farsi as A Foreign Language Course to foreign diplomats or other international non-Farsi speaking candidates.
Furthermore, School of International Relations plays an active role in preparing experts for other governmental organizations inside the country through holding educational workshops in fields related to diplomacy and foreign policy.



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